Season’s greetings!

Another semester comes to an end. Remember starting the year with restrictions and working from home? Soon, however, the pandemic released its grip, and we were gradually able to return as planned. In recent weeks, however, several viruses have been in circulation and there are noticeably many sick people. Please, take care.

It has been a year marked by uncertainty in the outside world, which of course has also affected the university. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and violence in Iran have given us as a university a reason to stand up for basic human rights, democracy, and freedom. The consequences of the uncertainty, such as increased inflation, rising food prices and the energy crisis, mean that the topics of conversation have now partly taken a different direction.

We are encouraged to save on electricity both privately and at work. So, it might be a good idea to lower the temperature, light candles, and put on the warmest wool socks just in time for the Christmas holiday. I wish you all a very pleasant and well-deserved holiday.

See you again in 2023!

Eva Wiberg

Illustrator: Kristina Edgren
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