University of Gothenburg condemns violence against students in Iran

Yesterday, October 3, SUHF, the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions issued a statement expressing deep concern about the current situation. As a university, it is in our nature to protect democracy, freedom of expression, human rights and peaceful protest.

We share the deep concern and condemn all types of violence against students.

SUHF Statement 3 October 2022

SUHF, the Association of Swedish Higher Education Institutions, is deeply concerned by the current situation for students and staff at Iranian universities.

The student protest in Iran continues. The demonstrations against the regime started after Mahsa Jîna Amini was detained by the Iranian moral police and later died in custody the 16 September. International media report today that Iranian security forces have surrounded students at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, shooting at them and firing tear gas towards them.

SUHF is strongly committed to democratic and human rights including the right to free expression and non-violent protests. Current violations of these rights for university students and staff in Iran are deeply concerning.