Intensive efforts to solve e-mail problems

Since Friday, September 18, the University of Gothenburg has had problems with a majority of employees not being able to access their e-mail, calendar and function mailboxes. This has of course caused great frustration for us as we depend on these tools in our daily work. Perhaps now more than ever, given that the current pandemic has made us even more dependent on communication, summons and meetings taking place digitally.

Intensive work has been being carried out since Friday to address the problems under the direction of the IT unit. In addition, the university management has set up a central crisis management organisation to assist in the work. This work is a top priority of all involved.

I would like to appeal for understanding among employees, students and others who wish to get in touch with us. Please use alternative contact routes such as telephone or digital tools where possible. You can be confident that work is going on 24/7 to solve the problems.

Up-to-date information can be accessed via and the Staff Portal.

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